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Key Stage 1

Meet Our RE Author Matt Lane

Matthew Lane is a primary teacher and Religious Education lead from Norfolk. He has been teaching for 10 years; working in state and private education. Before teaching, he was an officer in the Royal Navy where he saw the power of religions in shaping our world and the vital importance of understanding the religions and worldviews of others.


Teaching in his home county of Norfolk, Matthew has built an REQM Gold Award winning Religion & Worldviews curriculum that enables children to "have informed conversations about the world we live in". Building connections from their personal worldview to those of others, children see the richness and interconnected nature of human belief. A curriculum built on celebrating similarities, not learning disconnected facts.


Matthew has contributed to RE research projects at a national level, including Big Ideas and the REC Worldviews Exemplar Curriculums Project. He has shared his practice in articles for many publications including TES, teach Primary and RE Today. Passionate about leadership and its power to improve schools, he has shared his experiences of subject leadership at national conferences and livestreams. You can read more of his ideas on his website


Matthew has written about his research into and experiences of change leadership in the forthcoming book 'Wayfinder: leading curriculum vision into curriculum reality' published by John Catt. 

Key Stage 1


What is Hanukkah? 

✔ Learn about the story of Hanukkah

✔ Talk about personal experiences

✔ Make comparisons between different festivals

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The struggle for the Kingdom of England 

Who held power between the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings? 

Anglo-Saxon vs Vikings

Alfred the Great: reforms and unity 

Norman Conquest and trade


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