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Key Stage 1

Meet your History expert - Glenn Carter

Currently based in North East England, I advocate for primary history and have served as an adviser for various local authorities. I've collaborated with national and international educational companies to develop resources and guidance. My work with the Historical Association includes writing articles, designing schemes of work, and delivering CPD sessions to support primary history education.

As an adviser, I've assisted numerous schools with curriculum reviews, training, and resource development. My primary history goal is to help children grasp complex concepts through experiential learning and interconnectivity, enabling them to build a contextualised historical schema.

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KS2 The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain:

What is an empire and how do they work?

Key Stage 1

Changes within Living Memory 

What were toys like in the 1950s? 

Introduce continuity and change

✔ Identify similarities and differences 

✔ Compare 1950s toys with present-day

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Key Stage 2

The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain 

What is an empire and how do they work?

Empire basics: Power, resources 

Fragility of empires: Coordination 

Roman Empire in Britain: Invasion

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Key Stage 1

Events Beyond Living Memory 

How do we remember The

Gunpowder Plot? 

✔ Significance of the Gunpowder Plot 

✔ Evolution of commemoration 

✔ Local vs. national coverage

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Comparing Significant People 

How has Captain Cook impacted people today? 

✔ Cook's voyages and significance

✔ Controversies and differing perspectives 

✔ Influence on Dr Nicholas Patrick 

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Comparing Significant People 

How has Captain Cook impacted people today? 

✔ Cook's voyages and significance. 

✔ Controversies and differing perspectives. 

✔ Influence on Dr Nicholas Patrick. 

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Key Stage 2

Anglo-Saxon and Scot Settlement 

How significant was Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England? 

Paganism to Christianity 

Influential missionaries 

Churches and literacy 

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