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Meet your Science Experts

Nicky Waller

Introducing Nicky Waller - hailing from Teesside, she is a sought-after advisory teacher for primary science throughout the north-east of England.

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Angharad Pass

Introducing Angharad Pass, an esteemed Primary Science Specialist, consultant, and advocate for hands-on practical science in primary schools.

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Key Stage 1, Year 1


Plants: What are the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees? 

✔ Exploring tree diversity 

Leaf collection and observation 

Identifying deciduous and

evergreen trees

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Key Stage 2, Year 4

States of Matter 

How is evaporation and condensation part of the water cycle? 

Understanding the water cycle 

Clarifying cloud formation 

Addressing water cycle


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Year 4 States of Matter: How is

evaporation and condensation part of the water cycle?

Year 1


Animals, Including Humans: What are the different parts of an animal? 

Understanding animal structures 

Comparing similarities and differences 

Misconceptions and sequencing

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Plants: What are the different parts

of a tree? 

Tree structures: learn & classify

✔ Flowering plant basics 

✔ Observations for questions 

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Everyday Material Properties 

Everyday Materials: What are the properties of materials?  

Expert led: Nicky Waller 

Identifying and classifying 

Question-based learning 

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Year 2

Year 3


Rocks: How are fossils formed? 

Exploring fossil formation 

Clarifying fossil misconceptions 

Diversity of fossilized organisms 

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Forces and Magnets

What is magnetic force? 

Understanding magnetic force 

Clarifying metal and magnetism 

Exploring magnetic fields 

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Forces and Magnets

How does a hockey puck move on different surfaces? 

Force and surface texture 

Understanding friction 

Friction's effect on sliding

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Year 4

Animals Including Humans 

Why do we have different shaped teeth? 

✔ Human teeth: types and functions 

✔ Addressing tooth misconceptions 

✔ Primary and permanent teeth

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States of Matter 

How is evaporation and condensation part of the water cycle? 

Understanding the water cycle 

Clarifying cloud formation 

Addressing water cycle misconceptions 

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How does sound travel to your ear?   

Sound: vibrations and travel 

Hands-on activities and discussions 

Model making and research 

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Year 5


What is the best surface to increase


Understanding friction and its uses 

Misconceptions about friction 

Exploring friction in various scenarios 


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How does the surface area of a parachute affect the time taken to fall to the ground?

Frictional force of air 

✔ Factors affecting air resistance 

✔ Terminal velocity and parachutes


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Year 6

Evolution and Inheritance  

Why do birds have different shaped beaks?  

Adaptations and environment. 

Natural selection and evolution. 

Consideration of student backgrounds. 

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Animals Including Humans   

What is the main job of the heart? 

Describe heart function

Correct blood misconceptions

Emphasize lung involvement

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