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Key Stage 1

Meet your Geography expert - Anthony Barlow

I am Anthony Barlow, a Principal Lecturer at the University of Roehampton and a Trustee of The Geographical Association. I serve on the Early Years and Primary Committee and am a GeogLive Contributor. Born in Bolton, Greater Manchester, I completed my PGCE at Loughborough University and now live in London. I enjoy both the excitement of city life and the tranquillity of the countryside and coast.

As a KS2 teacher at heart, I'm fascinated by Early Years and KS1 education. I am passionate about providing rich, outdoor experiences for children under the age of 7 and teaching them about geography, cultural diversity, and the world. I believe that geography is the perfect subject for curious minds and emphasize its relevance in understanding our world's past, present, and future.

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KS1 Geography Fieldwork: What Does Sky the Spider See From Above?

Key Stage 1

Geography Fieldwork 

What Does Sky the Spider See From Above?  

✔ Map making: Basics & views 

✔ Side-on, aerial, plan views 

✔ Interpreting maps 

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Key Stage 2

Investigating Water and Human Impacts 

Have elephants come into our school grounds? 

Rainwater observation and mapping 

Seasonal survey for permeable and impermeable surfaces 

Analyzing water collection areas 

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Key Stage 1

Geography Fieldwork 

What Does Sky the Spider See From Above?  

✔ Map making: Basics & views 

✔ Side-on, aerial, plan views 

✔ Interpreting maps 

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Geography Fieldwork 

What does Sully the Seagull see from above? 

✔ Map skills: School exploration 

✔ Seagull's eye view 

✔ Identify rooms, follow map 


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Geography Fieldwork 

What does Sammy the Squirrel see from their tree? 

✔ Analyzing fieldwork data 

✔ Using maps for communication 

✔ Exploring the locality 

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Comparing Significant People 

How has Captain Cook impacted people today? 

✔ Cook's voyages and significance. 

✔ Controversies and differing perspectives. 

✔ Influence on Dr Nicholas Patrick. 

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Key Stage 2

Wonders and Hazards 

Can we learn from the 'Big Good Wolf'? 

✔ Park exploration and storytelling 

✔ Discovering the human and physical aspects of a park 

✔ Creative writing and storytelling 

✔ Creating big books with photos 

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Where can we buy our family everyday items nearby? 

Geographical skills: Exploring local shops 

Examining the high street 

Local business environment 

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Does our area have a range of spaces and services supporting the community?  

✔ Local geography exploration 

✔ Understanding and examining the

local area 

✔ Developing key Geographical skills 

✔ Inspiring fieldwork and observation 

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Geographical Skills and Fieldwork 

A four-site survey to help understand our area: What is significant for Sadiq? 

Key geographical skills 

Planning fieldwork 

Exploring the school site and

local area 

Field-sketching and writing 


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