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Meet your English expert - Rachel Clarke

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am the director of Primary English, a consultancy working with teachers and leaders across the UK to raise standards in literacy. I live in Coventry where I taught for many years and then worked as a Literacy Consultant for Coventry LA.

I've worked in education for nearly three decades and have been an English subject leader, SENCO, Deputy Headteacher and Literacy Consultancy. I have a huge collection of children's books that I like to share with teachers on my training courses and when I work with them in school.

I have written several books including Assess Fluency: Reception to Year 6 published by Collins and I enjoy writing magazine and blog articles about teaching English.

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Year 1 Question marks: Questions, Questions

Year 1


Question marks: Questions,


✔ Deepening question sentence skills 

Introducing question marks

Punctuation practice and application 

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Joining Words and Clauses using 'and': What Do You Like? 

✔ Extending sentences with 'and' 

✔ Story-based inspiration 

✔ Sentence punctuation practice 

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Year 2

Command Sentences 

Writing Commands: Simon Says 

Learning commands through games 

Analyzing commands in poetry 

Writing poems with command sentences

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Year 3


Present Perfect: Product Review 

Understanding of present perfect 

Applying present perfect in writing 

Revising and editing for publication 

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Year 4

Direct Speech 

Using Direct Speech: Knock, Knock 

Direct speech punctuation 

✔ Writing dialogue in tales 

✔ Proofreading punctuation 

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Expanded Noun Phrases: Firebird 

✔ Expanded noun phrases: prepositions 

✔ Book-based lesson: Firebird 

✔ Writing and editing challenges 

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Year 5


Past Perfect Forms: Back to the


Past perfect verbs: previously 

Time and cause relationships 

Writing in reverse order

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Year 6

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