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15 of the Best Christmas Books Ever

Is there anything better than bringing your favourite Christmas books out of storage to read with your class? Such precious memories are made as we share some of the most wonderful authors and illustrators. Do you have a favourite from your own childhood that makes you warm and fuzzy inside?

Here are a few of our treasured festive books, just in case you need a few more to add to your collection!

1. A Boy Called Christmas 

Matt Haig

“This is a must-read for children age 7 – 11. It is the ‘true’ story of how Father Christmas came to be and makes a wonderful class book to read in installments on the run up to and during the festive season. It is a story that proves that nothing is impossible. If you are one of those people who believe that some things are impossible, you should put this book down right away. It is most certainly not for you. Because this book is FULL of impossible things and Christmas magic!”

Amy Mansfield – EuHu Teacher Board

2. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

Susan Wojciechowski

“This was my favourite book to read over two or three assemblies on the run up to Xmas. It is so heart warming and full of true Christmas spirit. Be warned though, it’s a tear-jerker and, if you’re anything like me, tissues may be required!”

Beverley Smalley – EuHu Education Specialist

3.Dear Santa

Rod Campbell

“This is a charming and interactive book that captivates the attention of toddlers with its engaging storyline and repetitive elements.

Whether it's lifting flaps, exploring textures, or discovering hidden surprises, these elements contribute to the overall appeal of the book. The anticipation of what comes next keeps our young readers engaged and excited.”

Dawn Gibbons – EuHu Teacher Board

4.Jesus' Christmas Party

Nicholas Allan

“This book reinforces the Christmas story in a fun and accessible way. There is repetitive language so that children can join in when sharing the story. It is fun to act out as a Christmas play - it works as a children's production and a staff production.”

Sally Brown – EuHu Teacher Board

5.The Night I Met Father Christmas

Ben Miller

“The story begins with Jackson’s friend telling him that Father Christmas isn’t real, making Jackson want to prove his existence. He meets a mean-spirited elf and discovers the ‘real’ story of how Father Christmas came to spread love and joy to children all over the world.

The story is extremely warm and funny, and I love the beautiful illustrations by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini. I read it every year throughout the Christmas period with my class - it is the perfect countdown to the holidays! I teach in year 6, which is a tricky year for Christmas magic; half the children still believe, and half are beginning not to. This book captures the Christmas magic in a way that appeals to both the believers and the ones who still enjoy it but like to pretend not to!”

Aimee Hollingworth – EuHu Teacher Board

6. Dogger's Christmas

Shirley Hughes

“I love the original Dogger story and it reminds me of my childhood, so this sequel is one of my favourites! I love the characterisation of Dave and Bella and the emotion linked to Dave and his toy Dogger.”

Laura Brogan – EuHu Teacher Board

7.Pick a Pine Tree 

Patricia Toht

“I love this book- it is so adaptable! My children at home love it and every time I've shared it with a class they have too.

The illustrations are beautiful and generate so much talk about what we can see/references to Christmas traditions and things that people do around Christmas time. The text is very rhythmic and again generates so much discussion within groups of children- it's all about picking and decorating a tree and just focuses on the excitement of the build up to Christmas and sharing it with those around us. It is a lovely, well written book that I love talking about and sharing with little people!”

Kathi Kripps – EuHu Teacher Board


8.The Jolly Christmas Postman

Janet and Allan Ahlberg

“This book is great for younger children. It can be used as a theme to target most areas of the EYFS curriculum, and this makes it is easy to plan around. Children begin to understand different ways of communication (writing and sending letters) and about job roles in the community.

The ambitious vocabulary that can be drawn from this text is great for the appropriate stage in children's development and year (Autumn 2, Christmas).”

Callum Porter – EuHu Teacher Board

“A timeless classic. Accessible to all. Really good for SEND children too.

Also good for Guided Reading - teaching about rhyme, rhythm and author's choice of language.

For example, why does the Gingerbread Boy say, ‘a delicious surprise?’”

Mike Kinnear – EuHu Teacher Board


9.The Christmasarus

Tom Fletcher

“I love the simple rhyming of the book.

This book blends perfectly young children's love of Christmas with their love of dinosaurs. It is amusing as the dinosaur wants to fly and enchanting in the magical events William and his dinosaur have.

A perfect read in the build up to Christmas!”

Cheryl Keyworth – EuHu Teacher Board


10.The Christmas Pine

Julia Donaldson and Victoria Sandoy

“A relatively new Christmas book, I love the simple story of the Christmas tree. My children were fascinated that the tree ends up on a famous square. We loved looking at the Christmas trees which have been there before too.

The book has lovely rhymes and of course, lovely pictures too.”

Alex Broadley – EuHu Teacher Board


11.How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Dr Seuss

“I’m a sucker for both rhyming couplets and any “mean person finds joy and love through the magic of Christmas” story, so How The Grinch Stole Christmas! is my absolute favourite! I find the jaunty, singsong style of Dr Seuss is entrancing and comforting, especially for children, but it’s the warmth and the heart in this story that make it so unforgettable (along with classic insults like, “you have termites in your smile”).”

Claire Jackson – EuHu Teacher Board

12.Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps!

Nicholas Allan

“This book really is as silly as it sounds and does exactly what it says on the tin! If you want your class to be in hysterics, then this is the perfect book to read at the end of a busy day. It tells the story of what happens when Father Christmas has had his fill of sprouts. Need we say more…”

Jacqui Dalton – EuHu Education Specialist

13.The Crayons’ Christmas

Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers

“My class loved the Crayons books and this one is interactive (in a similar way to The Jolly Christmas Postman) with letters etc. to pull out. It is funny for both children and adults on different levels!”

Alex Hayes – EuHu Education Specialist

14.Stick Man

Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler

“This book goes through all the seasons but is ultimately a story about getting home in time for Christmas and being with family. I love a rhyming book and there is so much to see in the illustrations. Provides a perfect opportunity to go searching for sticks with children and to make their own stick men!”

Beverley Smalley – EuHu Education Specialist


15.The Snowman

Raymond Briggs

“The fact that the book has no words makes it a really interesting one to share with children of all ages. They can all add their own interpretations and describe how the characters might be feeling and what they might say in any of the pictures. Children also enjoy listening to the ‘Walking in the Air’ song and of course, watching the classic animated film!”


Carla Bonner – EuHu Education Specialist


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