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Key Stage 1

Meet your PE Experts

Dr Vicky Randall

Meet Dr. Vicky Randall, seasoned educator and researcher with over two decades of experience, specialising in physical education, teacher development, and child health

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Dr Gerald Griggs

Introducing Dr. Gerald Griggs, a globally recognised Primary

Physical Education specialist and prolific author at UCFB

Manchester Campus.

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Key Stage 1, Year 1


Plants: What are the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees? 

✔ Exploring tree diversity 

Leaf collection and observation 

Identifying deciduous and

evergreen trees

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Key Stage 2, Year 4

States of Matter 

How is evaporation and condensation part of the water cycle? 

Understanding the water cycle 

Clarifying cloud formation 

Addressing water cycle


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KS1 Dance: Animal Pick ‘n’ Mix Part 1/2 

Key Stage 1

Dance: Animal Pick ‘n’ Mix Part 1/2

Perform dances using simple movement patterns

Fundamental Movement Skills

✓ Travel & Balance Techniques 

✓ Developing Movement Vocabulary

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