LKS2 R.E. Why do some religions have shared stories?

LKS2 R.E. Why do some religions have shared stories?

WOW Lesson

Join RE expert, Matt Lane, as he shares a lesson/lessons allowing children to explore and discuss the shared history and stories of Christianity and Islam. This comprehensive lesson can be split across 3 sessions according to your needs and the needs of your learners. It will explore the stories of Noah (Bible) and Nuh (A.S.) (Qur'an) and discuss the shared history of Christianity and Islam. Faith-based videos are used to provide a talking point around traditions of not showing Muslim Prophets in artwork. We will summarise the stories in a religiously appropriate manner, as well as highlighting the similarities and differences between the two stories.

Key Stage 2

Year 4, Year 3

  • Religious Education
  • A2. Describe and understand links between stories and other aspects of the communities they are investigating, responding thoughtfully to a range of sources of wisdom and to beliefs and teachings that arise from them in different communities.
  • B1. Observe and understand varied examples of religions and worldviews so that they can explain, with reasons, their meanings and significance to individuals and communities.
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