KS1 R.E. What is Hanukkah?

KS1 R.E. What is Hanukkah?

WOW Lesson

Join RE expert, Matt Lane, as he shares a lesson which allows children to explore the question, What is Hanukkah? In this lesson, we are introducing, exploring, and explaining the story and festival of Hanukkah. We use Hanukkah as a starting point, allowing lots of time for discussion of students’ own experiences of festivals of light (Christmas, Eid, Diwali…) and finding the similarities. This lesson draws many links between the substantive knowledge and the personal worldviews of children. *It is possible to split this lesson over 2 or 3 sessions if you wish.

Key Stage 1

Year 1, Year 2

  • Religious Education
  • A1. Recall and name different beliefs and practices, including festivals, worship, rituals and ways of life, in order to find out about the meanings behind them.
  • A3. Recognise some different symbols and actions which express a community’s way of life, appreciating some similarities between communities.
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