Year 6 The Agentless Passive: Write Like an Expert

Year 6 The Agentless Passive: Write Like an Expert

WOW Lesson

Join English expert, Rachel Clarke, as she shares this series of lessons that will develop children's understanding of the passive voice and the agentless passive, helping them to write like an expert. This lesson has been divided into three separate sessions, helping you to explore the English objective relating to the use of the passive to affect the presentation of information in a sentence. In Lesson One, children will learn about layout devices such as headings, sub-headings, body text and text boxes etc. In Lesson Two, they will learn specifically about the agentless passive and how to use it to create an authoritative written tone. Then in Lesson Three, they will apply their learning to write double-page information spreads about Darwin and/or evolution. They will revise and edit their work to bring it up to a published standard.

Key Stage 2

Year 6

  • English
  • Spoken Language
  • Writing – composition
  • Writing - vocabulary, grammar and punctuation
  • use spoken language to develop understanding through speculating, hypothesising, imagining and exploring ideas
  • evaluate and edit by: assessing the effectiveness of their own and others’ writing
  • use and understand the grammatical terminology in English appendix 2 accurately and appropriately in discussing their writing and reading
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