Year 4 Expanded Noun Phrases: Firebird

Year 4 Expanded Noun Phrases: Firebird

WOW Lesson

Join English expert, Rachel Clarke, as she shares this engaging lesson centred around teaching children to use expanded noun phrases with help from the brilliant book, Firebird, by Saviour Pirotta. In this lesson, you will explore the English objective relating to noun phrases expanded by the addition of modifying adjectives, nouns and preposition phrases. Children will learn specifically about expanding nouns with prepositional phrases, with all children writing expanded noun phrases that use the preposition with. They will apply their learning to write an additional challenge for Prince Ivan from Firebird by Saviour Pirotta. They will practise revising and editing their writing to bring it up to a published standard.

Key Stage 2

Year 4

  • English
  • Spoken Language
  • Writing – composition
  • use spoken language to develop understanding through speculating, hypothesising, imagining and exploring ideas
  • evaluate and edit by: assessing the effectiveness of their own and others’ writing and suggesting improvements
  • evaluate and edit by: proposing changes to grammar and vocabulary to improve consistency, including the accurate use of pronouns in sentences
  • draft and write by: composing and rehearsing sentences orally (including dialogue), progressively building a varied and rich vocabulary and an increasing range of sentence structures English appendix 2
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