UKS2 Relationships: Peer Pressure and Positive Relationships

UKS2 Relationships: Peer Pressure and Positive Relationships

WOW Lesson

Join PSHE expert, Louise Jackson, as she shares a lesson to explore what peer pressure is (both positive and negative); why it is difficult to stand alone and against friends; strategies to avoid harmful behaviour choices; and reflection on what bravery looks like. You may wish to separate the learning activities to meet the needs of your timetable and learners, split point suggestions have been highlighted below.

Key Stage 2

Year 5, Year 6

  • PSHE
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • R13. Pupils learn the importance of seeking support if feeling lonely or excluded
  • R15. Pupils learn strategies for recognising and managing peer influence and a desire for peer approval in friendships; to recognise the effect of online actions on others
  • R16. Pupils learn how friendships can change over time, about making new friends and the benefits of having different types of friends
  • R17. Pupils learn that friendships have ups and downs; strategies to resolve disputes and reconcile differences positively and safely
  • H4. Pupils learn how to recognise that habits can have both positive and negative effects on a healthy lifestyle
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