Rekenrek Counting Frame

Rekenrek Counting Frame

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We reckon it’s a must-have! Strengthen pupils’ basic mathematic skills and support a deep knowledge of number with the Rekenrek Counting Frame from Hope Education. This simple yet versatile resource has powerful potential for children of all ages, making it an essential part of any teacher’s Maths toolkit.

EYFS, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2

Year 2, Year 4, Year 1, Reception, Year 3

  • Mathematics
  • ELG: Number
  • ELG: Numerical Patterns
  • Number - number and place value
  • Number - addition and subtraction
  • solve problems with addition and subtraction: recall and use addition and subtraction facts to 20 fluently, and derive and use related facts up to 100
  • count from 0 in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100; find 10 or 100 more or less than a given number
  • count in multiples of 6, 7, 9, 25 and 1,000
  • count, read and write numbers to 100 in numerals; count in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s
  • Have a deep understanding of number to 10, including the composition of each number
  • Subitise (recognise quantities without counting) up to 5
  • Automatically recall (without reference to rhymes, counting or other aids) number bonds up to 5 (including subtraction facts) and some number bonds to 10, including double facts
  • Compare quantities up to 10 in different contexts, recognising when one quantity is greater than, less than or the same as the other quantity
  • Explore and represent patterns within numbers up to 10, including evens and odds, double facts and how quantities can be distributed equally
  • given a number, identify 1 more and 1 less
  • identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations including the number line, and use the language of: equal to, more than, less than (fewer), most, least
  • count in steps of 2, 3, and 5 from 0, and in 10s from any number, forward and backward
  • solve one-step problems that involve addition and subtraction, using concrete objects and pictorial representations, and missing number problems such as 7 = ? − 9
  • add and subtract one-digit and two-digit numbers to 20, including 0
  • represent and use number bonds and related subtraction facts within 20
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