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3 Simple-to-make, effective Christmas card ideas

Christmas cards are great fun to make with children, and all the better if they’re not too complicated!

Here are three very simple designs for you to try.

1. Woolly bobble hats

You will need: Card, coloured paper (or fabric), small pompoms, scissors and glue.

Step 1

Using coloured paper (or fabric off-cuts) cut out some small rectangles and separate beanie hat shapes.

Step 2

Glue the beanie shapes however you like onto the card with the rectangles below.

Step 3

 Add a small pompom to each hat.


These make lovely, colourful cards and each one will be unique!

2. Snowmen gloves

You will need: Card, black and orange paper, scissors, glue and coloured pens or pencils.

Step 1

Fold your card. Place part of your hand on the folded edge of the card, spreading your fingers out, then draw around it (or get someone else to draw around it).

Step 2

 Cut out your hand drawing, making sure not to cut the fold.

Step 3

Draw a snowman’s face on each finger.

Step 4

Using card and colourful pens, add snowmen features, such as a carrot nose and a scarf.

And your humorous snowman card is complete!


3. Christmas wreath

You will need: Card, pine cones, green paint, paintbrush, paint tray, stickers, ribbon

Step 1

Find acorns to use for printing. Make sure they are clean and dry.

Step 2

Paint one side of an acorn green and use it to print on your card, creating a circle.

Step 3

Once dry, accessorise your green wreath with star stickers and a festive ribbon.

Your simple but effective card is complete!

Don’t forget to add a lovely festive message inside.

It’s a good idea to write the messages on separate pieces of paper and stick them in, so they are sure to be exactly how you’d like them!

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